Former mayor of VRSA launches new volume of the “Memories & Documents” collection

Work edited by Arandis

The fifth volume of the “Memories & Documents” collection, by António Horta Correia, former mayor of Vila Real de Santo António, is now available. 

This collection surveys VRSA's “facts and personalities” and is being edited by Arandis.

«This fifth volume is entirely dedicated to Luthgarda Guimarães de Caires, whom the historian António Rosa Mendes dubbed “the illustrious unknown”, writer, poet, activist for the rights of women and children, born in Vila Real de Santo António on 15 November 1858 and died in 1935», tells Arandis.

Throughout the 368 pages that make up this work, António Horta Correia uses hundreds of documents to correct «lapses and errors» that have been published about this Algarve, «but, more than that, to bring to light the most faithful and complete of Luthgarda Guimarães de Caires".

António Horta Correia, born in Vila Real de Santo António in 1932, has a degree in Finance and worked for companies in the canned fish sector.

Former teacher, provider of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Vila Real de Santo António, councilor and mayor of Vila Real de Santo António, he has dedicated recent years to local historical research and genealogy.

After the publication of «Sebastian Ramirez (1828-1900) Documentary Subsidy for a Biography, (2008); «The Celebrated Blind Master of Campo Maior and Tavira (1649-1713), (2009); Os Mendonças das Alagoas – Luso-Brazilian Genealogical Essay, (2011); «Os do Almendro», 2014; «Sebastião Vargas – Knight of the Royal House in the 2016th Century», 2017; in XNUMX he presented the first volume of the «Memories & Documents» collection, with documents from his family archive, related to the personalities José Fernandes Piloto, José Joaquim Capa and António José Piloto Capa.

The second volume, published in 2019, contains a transcription of a vast set of documents written between 1863 and 1909 by António dos Santos Machado, a kind of diary of events that took place in Vila Real de Santo António during that period, containing thousands of unpublished historical information .

The third volume, presented in 2020, has as central characters the industrialists Francisco Rodriguez Tenório, Juan Maestre Cumbrera and Sebastián Ramirez, major drivers of the development of Vila Real de Santo António.

The fourth volume, has as central figures José Francisco Guimarães and José Ribeiro Alves Júnior, being probably the work with greater territorial scope, due to the regional dimension of these personalities.

At the moment, the VI volume of this collection is in the process of being concluded.

The work can be purchased here