Orquestra Clássica do Sul gives concert in Silves

Entrance is free

Photo: Martyna Mazurek | Sul Informação - File

The Orquestra Clássica do Sul gives an autumn concert on the 19th of November, starting at 18:00, at the Casa da Cultura Luso-Árabe e Mediterrânica de Silves. 

«In this concert, two chamber music groups will revisit, respectively, the comfort of the warm, lively and festive music of A. Glazunov, with String Quartet nº 3, Op. 26 Slavic Quartet, and one of his most famous musical compositions (originally written for piano) by M. Mussorgsky, with Pictures from an Exhibition (arr. Lickelmann)», says the Chamber of Silves.

Admission is free.



Concert program:

A. GLAZUNOV (1865-1936)

String Quartet No. 3, Op. 26 Slavic Quartet

I. Moderate

II. Interlude. Moderate

III. Alla mazurka. allegretto

IV. A Slavic Feast. Moderate allegro

Chamber music grouping

João Castro, Sara Cymbron, violins

Nuno Soares, viola

Jari Piper, cello

M. MUSSORGSKY (1839 – 1881)

Pictures from an Exhibition (arr. Lickelmann)

I. Promenade (Promenade) Introduction – Allegro giusto, nel modo russico, senza allegrezza, ma poco sostenuto.

II. Gnome (Gnome) – Always Alive.

III. Promenade (Promenade) – Moderato comodo assai and with delicatezza.

IV. Il Vecchio Castello (The Medieval Castle) – Andante molto cantabile e con dolore.

V. Promenade (Promenade) – Moderato non tanto, heavy.

SAW. Tuileries – Allegretto non troppo, cappricious.

VII. Bydlo (Oxcart) – Always moderate, thinking.

VIII. Promenade (Promenade) – Tranquillo.

IX. Ballet des Petits Poussins dans leurs Coques (Bailado dos Chicks in their Eggshells) – Schernizo.

X. Samuel Goldenberg et Schmuyle – Serious and energetic walker.

XI. Promenade (Promenade) – Allegro giusto, in the Russian way, well sostenuto.

XII. Limoges, Le Marché (The Market of Limoges) – Allegretto alive, always scherzando. AFK.

XIII. Catacombae, Sepulcrum Romanum (Catacombs, Roman Sepulcher) – Largo.

XIV. Cum Mortuis in Língua Mortua (With the Dead in a Dead Language) – Andante non troppo, with lamentation.

XV. La Cabane de Baba-Yaga sur de Pattes de Poule (Baba-Yaga's Cabin on Chicken Paws) – Allegro with panache, feroce. Andante mosso. Allegro molto.

XVI. La Grande Porte de Kiev (The Great Gate of Kiev) – Allegro alla breve. maestoso. With grandeur.

Chamber music grouping

Luis Miguel Garcia, flute

David Fresquet, oboe

Rui Travasso, clarinet

Joaquim Moita, bassoon

Todd Sheldrick, French horn