Silves Municipal Market hosts exhibition “The Centenary of Vasco Gonçalves”

He was Prime Minister during the Revolutionary Process in Course (PREC)

The inauguration of the Exhibition of the documentary “The Centenary of Vasco Gonçalves”, by the Associação Conquistas da Revolución (ACR), will take place on December 3, at 10:00 am, in the Municipal Market of Silves, with the presence of Carlos Vitoriano and Valdemar Santos , members of the board of ACR.

The exhibition can be visited until the 17th of December, and is organized by the Municipality of Silves in conjunction with the Parish Council of Silves and the Associação Conquistas da República (ACR).

General Vasco Gonçalves OA (Lisbon, May 3, 1921 – Almancil, June 11, 2005) was a Portuguese soldier and politician, during the PREC.

He was Prime Minister of Portugal in the II, III, IV and V Provisional Governments. During this period, called “gonçalvismo” or the Revolutionary Process in Course (PREC), which was quite troubled, it was very close to the Communist Party.

During his government, measures considered quite controversial were implemented, such as the nationalization of banking, insurance and hundreds of other companies, as well as the radicalization of agrarian reform, with the occupation of thousands of hectares, mainly in Alentejo.

It was also during their governments that the decolonization of Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, S. Tomé and Príncipe and Cape Verde took place.

His governments, however, suffered enormous opposition, both from the left and from the right, which resulted in his resignation, in September 1975.