Arandis celebrates its 10th anniversary with the relaunch of a historical book on the Algarviana

It celebrates its 10th anniversary next Saturday, November 19th, at 16 pm, in Alcantarilha

The book «The Algarve (Impressionist Notes»), by Júlio Lourenço Pinto, a report on the region published in 1894, is the first title to be launched by Arandis, in its new editorial line called «Biblioteca Algarviana», which marks the 10 years of life of the Algarve publishing house.

Arandis Editora, which is already responsible for publishing 252 titles, by more than a hundred authors, with a thematic range that ranges from popular poetry to post-doctoral thesis, celebrates its 10th anniversary next Saturday, the November 19, at 16 pm, in the Hall of the Parochial House of Alcantarilha, an event that has the support of the Association for the Defense of the Cultural and Natural Heritage of Alcantarilha – ALDEPA.

In addition to the exhibition and sale of books published by Arandis Editora, the celebration of the 10th anniversary is marked by the launch of the new editorial line, dedicated to the re-edition of old works on the Algarve or by Algarve authors, published more than 80 years ago. years and very little known by the current population.

Founded in 2012, in a joint effort by Sérgio Brito, Nuno Campos Inácio and Fernando Lobo, with the aim of promoting the literary values ​​of the Algarve, in the various literary aspects, Arandis Editora has been associated with several literary awards and established partnerships with associations, municipalities, schools and private entities in the Algarve, having organized more than 600 public presentations, passing through all the municipalities in the region.

At the moment, it has a dozen new titles in its hands, which should be presented by the end of this year.