Algarve has 198 vacancies for intern doctors

Specialized training will start on 1 January next year

The Algarve has 198 vacancies for intern doctors: 64 for specialist training and 134 for general training, according to two orders published this Monday, October 31, in Diário da República, by the Central Administration of the Health System.

Specialized medical training, which will begin on 1 January next year, both in Algarve hospitals and in health centres, is yet another step in the education of intern doctors who have already completed their general training.

Thus, in the case of interns who are going to specialize, the 64 vacancies open for the Algarve are distributed as follows: Anesthesiology (2), Cardiology (1), Cardiology (1), General Surgery (2), Infectious Diseases (1) , Gastroenterology (1), Gynecology/Obstetrics (3), Immunoallergology (1) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (4), Family Medicine (21), Intensive Medicine (3), Internal Medicine (9), Nephrology (1), Neurosurgery ( 1), Medical Oncology (2), Otolaryngology (1), Clinical Pathology (1), Medical Pediatrics (3), Pulmonology (2), Psychiatry (2), Radiology (2), Rheumatology (1) and Public Health (1) ).

In recent years, vacancies for interns in the Algarve have been practically filled: the great difficulty has arisen later, in managing to keep them working in the region.

Moreover, this year, Portugal has 2054 vacancies for specialized medical training.

This is, according to the Ministry of Health, the “highest number ever”, representing “an increase of 115 vacancies (+6%) compared to 2022, when 1939 vacancies were opened”.

As in the Algarve, where 21 vacancies were opened, the specialty of General and Family Medicine is the area with the highest number: 574 at national level (+10%).

Growth also took place in the Anesthesiology specialty, with 85 vacancies, an increase of 5 vacancies (+6,3%), Gynecology/Obstetrics (54 vacancies, 6 more, a contingent that was not so high since 2010) or Intensive Medicine ( +23%) and Radiology (+22,6%).

There are still 134 vacancies open at the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Algarve, for general training interns, that is, students who have just left universities and who, only after completing this year of training, will be able to proceed to specialization.