Lagos: New service helps Britons renew residence permits

Interested parties should go to the Citizen Space

The Lagos Chamber has created a new service to support British citizens who wish to proceed with the new residence permit in Portugal, which is already in operation in the Municipality's Citizen Space.

This service is the result of a partnership established between the municipality, AMA – Agency for Administrative Modernization, IRN – Institute of Registries and Notaries and SEF – Foreigners and Borders Service.

The new residence permit for British citizens benefiting from the Withdrawal Agreement (Brexit) will be issued to British citizens residing in Portugal, confirming their status as beneficiaries of this protocol.

Lagos is the second municipality in the Algarve with the most British residents, after Loulé, where the first support service for obtaining a residence permit was opened in September.

According to the Lagos Chamber, the new residence permit “replaces the European Union residence documents (Registration Certificate issued by the municipal councils and Permanent Residence Certificate issued by the SEF)”, but British citizens who already live in Portugal will be able to continue to use the current documents until the new residence permit is issued.

“After registering on the portal and submitting the form, UK citizens can download the proof of application in digital format – a document that can be read using a QR Code – which can be printed and used on trips to prove their residency in Portugal», concludes the local authority.