International research campaign estimates abundance of sardines and anchovy

Research brings together institutes from Portugal and Spain

The international acoustic research campaign “IBERAS0922”, aboard the Spanish Research Ship “Angeles Alvariño”, runs from 27 September to 9 October, between the NW and SW ends of the Iberian Peninsula (respectively Finisterre, in Spain). , and Sagres, in Portugal).

According to the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), one of the partners in the campaign, along with the Instituto Español de Oceanografia (IEO), this year the covered area is more restricted.

IBERAS aims to research small pelagic fish, more specifically to estimate, by acoustic methods, the strength of recruitment of sardines and anchovy and to investigate the potential natural causes of interannual fluctuations in the stocks of these species.

The campaigns of the IBERAS/JUVESAR series started within the scope of national projects (for example SARECOOP and SARDINHA2020) of the Fisheries Resources Modeling and Management Division (DivRP) of the IPMA and in 2022 the campaign was integrated into the National Biological Sampling Program (PNAB), developed by the same division.

The IBERAS campaign is part of the National Work Plans of Portugal and Spain of the European Union Data Collection Framework, within the scope of the Common Fisheries Policy.