Ana Passos is the only candidate for president of the Socialist Women of the Algarve

Margarida Flores, regional director of Social Security in the Algarve, is the representative

Candidate Ana Passos and her representative Margarida Flores

Ana Passos, former socialist deputy for the Algarve, is the only candidate for the leadership of the Socialist Women – Equality and Rights (MS-ID) of the Algarve, whose election will take place on the 5th of November. Accompanying her in this candidacy is a multidisciplinary team of socialist women from all over the Algarve.

“There is much to be done so that full equality between men and women becomes a reality in our region, and in our country, constituting an inherent condition of human existence and it is to this purpose that I will dedicate the entire next mandate of the Socialist Women of the Algarve”, says the candidate, who presents herself at the next election with the motion “Affirmar a Egualdade”.

With Margarida Flores, regional director of Social Security in the Algarve, as its representative, Ana Passos' candidacy involves women from all over the Algarve region and has the support of the presidents of the Tavira City Council (Ana Paula Martins), of the Vila Municipal Council. do Bispo (Rute Silva), and the president of the Municipal Assembly of Vila Real de Santo António (Célia Paz).

Ana Passos was previously president of the Socialist Women of the Algarve.

The next term (two years) will have «a political program based on a set of consensus proposals with the regional socio-economic context and the current governance scenario, which advocate putting the Algarve and the country at the forefront in terms of the fight for equality. », highlights Ana Passos.

Working for the full conquest of equal rights, participating in a committed way in the construction of conditions that guarantee a society without prejudice, is one of the goals defined in the scope of the candidacy motion, which also points out as major objectives, the strengthening of the connection between the Socialist Party and Civil Society, aiming at the implementation of programs and actions in articulation with institutions, associations and social movements.

To favor the participation of women in the political life of our region, through their presence in the choices and decisions of the common good, and to support the continuity of training and empowerment programs for women in the areas of political participation, creating conditions at the regional level to facilitate the their integration into public decision-making bodies, are also proposals by Ana Passos who, in the next term, intends to continue strengthening the role of MS-ID and their recognition at district level and at the level of national bodies of the Socialist Party.

The candidate guarantees that the MS-ID will assume itself as an intervening body of the Socialist Party in the achievement of full equality of opportunities, valuing diversity and promoting the union of forces and the active participation of men and women, in a more inclusive society, more progressive and social welfare.

For Ana Passos, «we can only have more social justice and better living conditions in the region if there is a robust policy agenda for gender equality», appealing to the vote of socialist militants on Saturday, November 5th.

On the same day, there will also be elections for the presidency of the Federation of PS/Algarve, for which there are two candidates (Luís Graça and Vítor Aleixo), as well as the delegates to the PS Algarve Congress, which will take place later and where the remaining bodies will be elected.