Albufeira increased its environmental sustainability rates to 71%

Information from the Albufeira Chamber was evaluated by a group of experts who are part of the National Commission

Albufeira this year achieved a global ECOXXI index of 71%, the best result ever, surpassing last year's 70,1%. Implemented since 2005, the ECOXXI program by ABAE – Associação Bandeira Azul da Europa, aims to recognize the best sustainability practices at the municipal level, through the evaluation, by a group of experts, of 21 indicators in the environmental, social and economic areas.

The municipalities that apply for ECOXXI want to see recognized the good practices developed in favor of sustainable development, evidenced in the implementation of measures, actions and sustainability policies.

“The Municipality of Albufeira has been following an upward path, in terms of improving the ECOXXI index, and since 2009, inclusive, it has always managed to exceed the 50% that entitles it to hoist the Green Flag in the Paços do Concelho, as a symbol of a consistent path that the Municipality has been taking towards sustainability”, emphasizes the mayor José Carlos Rolo.

In addition to the Green Flag, the Municipality has also been receiving a medal, awarded to all municipalities with values ​​above 40% of the ECOXXI index, which attests that significant measures are being taken in the assessed areas.

In this way, “we are pleased to see our effort in the area of ​​environmental sustainability recognized”, says the mayor, warning that he hopes to see this classification even improved.

“The analysis that ECOXXI experts make of our actions and projects means for us a great incentive to continue working towards a more environmentally sustainable, greener and bluer municipality, both for the present population and for future generations. ”, says the councilor responsible for the Environment Department and vice-president of the Municipality, Cristiano Cabrita, who warns, however, “there is still a lot to do”.

Among the various indicators of environmental sustainability under consideration, Albufeira stood out in terms of the Promotion of Environmental Education on the initiative of the Municipality, for the Sustainability of Bathing Areas, Transparency, Digitization and Connectivity, Cooperation with Civil Society in Matters of Environment and Promotion of Sustainable Development, Certification of Management Systems, Health and Welfare, among others.

In order to apply for ECOXXI, the Municipality of Albufeira provided information on the sustainability actions, activities and policies implemented in the previous year, having been evaluated by a group of experts who are part of the National Commission.