The «impressive world of octopus fishing» will be seen in Olhão

Exhibition can be seen until September 28

Algarve José Graça walked «for three long days» on board, camera in hand, to discover the «impressive world of octopus fishing». The result can be seen from 17 pm next Friday, September 00, at the Municipal Library of Olhão. 

According to the author, this is an authorial photography documentary about octopus fishing that, over 28 images, aims to highlight the hard work of the fisherman.

The photographer warns, however, that the octopus turns out to be the protagonist, revealing some of its exploits.

Leaving a special thanks to the crew of the vessel “André Sousa” and the master “Rogério”, the author, born in Fuzeta (Olhão), describes this photographic experience as an “unforgettable connection to the culture of his land”.

José Graça has been working as a photographer since 2013. In 2019, he decided to train at the Portuguese Institute of Photography, in Porto. He has devoted himself mainly to editorial and author (documentary) photography.

“Fish pay attention to the Moon” is his first exhibition which can be seen until the 28th of September.