museum of Faro receives photography exhibition «the 2 da 33A»

Works by Lucia Medeiros and Vinicius Almada

Photographs by Lucia Medeiros, born in 1952, and Vinicius Almada, born in 1982, will be on display at the Municipal Museum of Faro, between 20 August and 16 October.

The exhibition, which is called «os 2 da 33A» (room number of the Museum of Faro where the initiative takes place) presents photographs of «a man and a woman, two generations. two perspectives, two personalities, two different academic paths, different sensibilities and visions, two unique experiences reflected in the images they capture through their lenses».

The exhibition has some innovative features, as none of the photographs will be identified with the author's name.

The challenge that is launched to visitors is: «Find out who is the author of each image displayed here, by marking a little under the name chosen. In the last week of the exhibition, we will identify the works, and, if you want, you can make a second visit to check if it matches your judgment».

Lucia Medeiros (1952)

Born in Bagé, in the extreme south of Brazil, she got her first Kodak from her father when she was 9 years old.
He studied photography at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul and at the Portuguese Institute of Photography.
In 2012, it won a prominent mention in the 1st selection of collective photography held by the Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre, BR, in addition to other mentions and highlights on specific Instagram pages since its foundation.
In Portugal, he exhibited at Casa das Artes, Tavira and at the Brazilian Consulate in Faro

Vinicius Almada (1982)

Graduated in Cinematography for Digital Cinema at Instituto Del Cine Madrid, course in After Effects and Mapping at Escola D'Informática Y Disseny in Barcelona.
He works with digital collage, visual composition, photography, films and documentaries.
Graphic designer for Álvaro de Campos' Birthday Party.
He exhibited at Casa Álvaro de Campos, at Galeria Artesis, at the Consulate of Brazil in Faro, at Casa dos Condes Alcoutim, at the Municipal Library of Olhão and at the WikiArte Brasil online gallery.