Europeans: Algarve cyclist Daniela Campos was the athlete with the best result in the time trial

Daniela Campos finished the race in 16th place

The Algarve athlete Daniela Campos was the Portuguese under-23 athlete with the best result in the time trials of the European Road Championships that took place this Thursday, July 7, in Sangalhos (Anadia).

Daniela Campos finished the race in 16th place. The runner concluded her individual effort with a time of 35m42s.

“It was difficult to deal with the heat. It was very stuffy. It was also very hard to manage the effort. I feel that I can only be proud of my result, especially considering the level of athletes we have here. They are among the best in the world, so whatever the result we can get will always be good”, said the Portuguese athlete.

Like Daniela Campos, Beatriz Pereira was also present in this time trial, finishing in 24th position, after completing the race in 36m43s. The athlete who represents the national team in these European Road Championships, spoke about the course of this time trial.

"Was hard. This is a very different time trial than any I have ever done, very wavy and very difficult to manage. For many years time trial was not my specialty, I have been training a lot and the first fruits of my work appeared in the national championships in which I finished second. I came here to have a different experience and to keep improving my time trials. I am happy with the time trial I did, I would have liked to have managed it better, but I hope that next year or two years from now I will have the opportunity to do so», said the athlete.

In the women's sector, the gold medal was won by the Dutch Shirin Androoij, who completed the race in 31m34s.

Italian Vittoria Guazzini was second at 11 seconds, with Marie Le Net (France) finishing 12 seconds behind the winner.

Pedro Andrade was the only representative of Portugal in the men's sector of the under-23 category. He finished in 32nd position, with a mark of 30m40s. The Portuguese runner revealed the biggest difficulties he faced and a mishap he suffered right at the beginning of the race.

“The conditions were quite adverse, but it was the same for everyone. It was quite hot and I had a mishap right at the beginning of the time trial. My bottle fell and I was without water during the whole time trial, which made my work very difficult. I was hoping to do a little better, but the sensations weren't quite what I expected either. I did my best and when I do, we have to be satisfied regardless of the result. On Sunday we have the long-distance race and with it another opportunity to do better», said Pedro Andrade, national time trial champion.

Alec Segaert (Belgium) was the best in the competition, becoming European time trial champion in the under-23 category. Croatian Fran Miholjevic was second, 50 seconds behind the winner, followed by Frenchman Eddy Huitouze.