Loulé students participated in an LPN environmental education project

Applications for the Literacy for the Forest project for the next school year are now open

Students from Loulé participated in the environmental education project of the League for the Protection of Nature (LPN) which, throughout the school year, led more than 1700 students across the country to discover the nature around them.

«In the academic year 2021-2022, the municipalities of Arronches, Braga, Leiria, Loulé, Maia, Sintra, Torre de Moncorvo, Torres Vedras and Vila Nova de Famalicão joined the project and provided their students with an enriching experience that combines classroom to Nature, leading them to discover and value the forests of the region where they live», says LPN.

The project is based on the monitoring of each class throughout practically the entire school year, through the implementation of five actions: three theoretical with a strong pedagogical tendency, where the forest is presented as an ecosystem in the world and in Portugal, its biodiversity , its values, services it provides and threats, a field trip to a forest in the region to get in touch with Nature and consolidate the knowledge acquired and a final municipal meeting to evaluate the project with the participation of all those involved.

According to Ana Sofia Ribeiro, coordinator of the Department of Environmental Awareness, Education and Training at LPN and of the Literacy for the Forest project, «the differentiating element of this project involves the continuous work with the students and making them active agents in the preservation of the local forest, whether in its identification and exploitation/discovery or even in the creation of concrete and simple actions that can be replicated by each of us».

Rúben Oliveira, a member of the National Board of the LPN, reveals that «in the 2022-2023 school year, we will present a project enriched by the opinions that came to us from all over the country».

«In addition to the module that we have been implementing, we will include a new one dedicated to the themes of loss of biodiversity, scarcity of natural resources and climate change, always based on forest ecosystems», adds the leader.

Registration for the Literacy for the Forest project for the next school year is now open and runs until September. Entities such as inter-municipal communities and municipalities can apply directly, sending their intention by e-mail to the LPN, while interested schools and teachers will have to convey their interest to municipal bodies.