Lagos will deliver bicycles to elementary schools

To mark World Bicycle Day

To mark World Bicycle Day, which is celebrated on June 3, Lagos City Council will deliver bicycles to elementary schools. 

On this date, which was established in 2018 by the UN General Assembly with the aim of promoting the bicycle as a symbol of sustainable transport, Lagos takes another step to promote the development of “PÉ NO PEDAL”: a municipal project that started about one year and which aims to teach 1st cycle students to pedal and raise awareness among 2nd cycle students for the continued use of bicycles

«The main objective of the Municipality is to encourage the use of bicycles among as many users as possible, in order to develop sustainable mobility, governed by the principles of individual and road safety, civility, respect for the environment, highlighting the relevance of the practice. of physical activity in the school context and its health benefits», emphasizes the Municipality of Lagos in a statement.

In parallel with the start of the “PÉ NO PEDAL” project, the municipality has so far invested around 51 thousand euros in equipment – ​​acquiring bicycles, respective accessories/protection equipment and consumables and wooden parking sheds installed in all schools in the country. 1st cycle.

According to the municipality, part of this investment was contributed by the Fund for the Public Transport Service, which allocates an amount of more than seven thousand euros.

Each of the eight 1st cycle schools will thus receive 15 bicycles, making a total of 120 units, while the 2nd and 3rd cycle schools in Lagos will receive 40 bicycles altogether.

With the aim of expanding the project's target audience and anticipating children's contact with bicycles, the municipality also decided to purchase balance bicycles for preschoolers.

“Pé no Pedal” is part of the City Council’s activity plan in the strategic axis “More Solidarity, Safe and Healthy Lakes” and in the objective of “Strengthening support for Education, Youth and Sports”, diversifying curricular activities and extracurricular", explains the municipality of Lagos.