Petition will demand return of “365Algarve”

Cultural program lasted four years

A petition will demand the return of the cultural program “365Algarve”, announced this Thursday, March 17, João Fernandes, president of the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA). 

The official took advantage of his presence at the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL) to report on this novelty.

“365Algarve” started in October 2016 and had a total of four seasons. The objective was to «combine culture and tourism to stop seasonality» in the region.

In recent months, much has been written – and waited – for decision to continue the cultural program, something that did not happen.

Speaking to journalists, João Fernandes, president of RTA, considered that “we have to take the opportunity for the Government to stabilize [after taking office] to tell the right interlocutors that the region is united and wants 365Algarve back”.

The idea is to send this petition, which will be public, “to the Government and Parliament”, signaling this “union” of the Algarve.

“This is going to be a challenge that we are going to propose and I am sure that we will have everyone's support”, he added.

Over the four years, around 1700 people participated in the 488 performances outside the high season.

“365Algarve”, launched jointly by the State Departments for Culture and Tourism, had several events outside the large urban centers, such as “Lavrar o Mar” or the “Forgotten Food Festival”.