Algarve with less violent crime, but with more general crime in 2021

According to data released by the Government

The Algarve had fewer violent crimes in 2021, compared to 2020, but, on the other hand, saw an increase in reported general crime, according to the Annual Internal Security Report (RASI) 2021, which was released this Wednesday by the Government.

According to this document, in 2021, 20.788 non-violent crimes were reported, an increase of 1,4% compared to the previous year.

As for violent crime, there were 707 reports to the authorities in 2021, a decrease of 16,9% compared to 2020, the year in which 851 incidents of this nature were recorded.



Looking at the type of reports, the types of general crime that grew the most, from one year to the next, in the Algarve, were “Other Scams” ​​(+21,3%, 1054 reports in total), “Defamation, Slander and Injury” (+20,5%, 359 participations) and “Driving without Legal Qualification” (+12,4, 1000 participations).

On the other hand, there is a decrease, among others, in the categories “Theft opportunity of an unkept object” (-10,5%, 715 reports), “Other thefts” (-8,9%, 611) and “Domestic violence against spouse or analogues” (-5,7%, 1245).




As for violent crime, there was an increase in the number of “Violation” (+125%, 27 in total) and “Extortion” (+29%, 36) typologies.

The biggest declines were seen in the headings “Theft from Residence” (-48%, 43 in total) and Robbery by Stretching (-33%, 126).



By municipalities, in eight of the 16 municipalities in the Algarve the number of participations increased, while in the other half it decreased.