Faro 1540 invites the people of Faro to share their memories of the Ria Formosa

Anyone who wants can participate until May 8

Within the scope of the 6th edition of Farnáutica – Mostra do Mar e da Nautica de Faro, Faro 1540 invites all residents of Faro to share, through the Alma F project, their memories and stories of the Ria Formosa, until the 8th of May. 

The Alma F project, launched in June 2019, by Paulo de Oliveira Botelho and Cláudia Luz, both members of the FARO 1540, has as its genesis the search for the Faroese soul.

«This search is based on the collection of audio and video recordings of oral testimonies that allow contextualizing and transversally integrating the different protagonists in the historical narrative. These are stories that History often does not tell. They are people's memories and people's recollections framed in time and space. Listening to their memories, we learn more about the territory and about ourselves. The memories of life in the city, starting from the individual to build the collective», refers to Faro 1540 – Association for the Defense and Promotion of Environmental and Cultural Heritage, in a statement.

According to the association, this is a project «of affections, which aims to highlight the importance of life history for the knowledge and understanding of local history and for the construction of identity and the strengthening of community dynamics».

Anyone wishing to participate can, until May 8, between 16 pm and 00 pm, go to the stand da Faro 1540, to share his memories and history with Alma F.