“Cultural Identity of Terras do Arade” debated in Monchique

No prior registration is required

“Cultural Identity of Terras do Arade” is the theme of the last session of this year's Teias d'Ideias, scheduled for May 5, at 21 pm, at the Parish Council of Monchique, with free admission.

The guests for this conversation are José Gonçalo, president of the Parish Council, Isabel Soares, director of the Portimão Museum, Ana Ramos and António Pereira, researchers at the Portimão Museum, as well as Vera Freitas, archaeologist at the Portimão Museum. Elisabete Rodrigues, newspaper director Sul Informação, guide this gathering once again.

At the end, everyone is invited to taste typical sweets and honey from Monchique, with the courtesy of “Segredos, Saberes e Sabores”, as well as to taste the Algarve Wines that were a regular presence in all the gatherings – this time, with the wines of the South Composite.

The series of meetings Teia d'Ideias, promoted by the association Teia d'Impulsos, precedes the 4th Jornadas do Arade, whose general theme will be “Valuing Heritage”, taking place between the 13th and 15th of May, in the Auditorium of the Portimão Museum.