Algarve hotels have pre-pandemic reservations for Easter

According to AHETA, the level of reserves stands at 63%, just 1% less than in 2019

The level of reservations for Easter in the Algarve is in line with that recorded in 2019, even before the pandemic broke out, announced this Wednesday, April 6, the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve (AHETA). 

According to AHETA, the level of reservations is at 63%, just 1% less than in 2019, and the average stay is expected to be 3,9 nights.

«Right now, around 50% of the reserves are from Portuguese, followed by reserves from the United Kingdom and Spain», adds AHETA.

Even so, there is “an increase in the number of cancellations compared to 2019”, which AHETA explains, “probably due to the change in the mix at the origin of bookings: more direct customers, fewer traditional operators, more booking platforms with no cancellation penalty».

According to this association, “there is still no record of the impact of inflation on the increase in prices for accommodation or on the drop in reservations”.

Compared to March this year, the occupancy rate per room was 45,6%, «below the value recorded in 2019 (-11,7%)» and close to that of 2015.

The main markets were the British, with 31,3% of overnight stays, followed by the national (14,5%), German (11,9%) and Dutch (10,7%).

If we compare with March 2021, the month in which Portugal was in confinement, the average occupancy rose 765%.

On average, according to AHETA, “there is an expectation of an increase in occupations of 3% compared to the summer of 2019”.