Alcoutim again asks for construction of the Foupana Dam

Motion in favor of the dam was unanimously passed

The Alcoutim Chamber unanimously approved a motion in which it defends the construction of the Foupana Dam and in which it takes the opportunity to raise awareness of the problem of drought in the region.

The Alcouteneja municipality once again puts on the table the creation of a dam in the municipality, on the Foupana stream, a project that is defended by the municipalities, but which was left out of the PRR's investments in water efficiency, contrary to what happened with desalination and the connection of Pomarão to the Odeleite Dam.

Despite this, Alcoutim does not give up on seeing this infrastructure built, «regardless of the possibility of precipitation occurring until the summer months», since the current drought situation «shows the urgent need to look at this problem in a detailed and lasting”.

At the moment, defends the Chamber, «more than finding culprits for the lack of water, it is important to present solutions to increase the amount available, since it would be demagogic to think that with the reduction of agriculture, the golf area or with the limitation of consumption, we managed to solve the problem. The main sources of water consumption show growth dynamics and their limitation or conditioning compromises the entire evolution of the region».

A new dam will allow «increased availability of water, since it can significantly contribute to the increase of water retention and reserves in the water supply subsystem in the region», but also «contribute for our municipality to increase water reserves for agricultural purposes", reads the motion.

At the same time, this is «an opportunity for the economic development of rural areas, allows the development of agriculture, with the consequent economic added value, allows greater guarantees of the future for public supply and also guarantees a strong contribution to the recharge of aquifers ».

Even so, the Chamber admits that “any work done by human beings inevitably generates impacts, whether positive or negative. In environmental terms, any solution that interferes with the water cycle has the same results. It is important to minimize the negative effects and exponentiate the positive ones».