Ministry of Agriculture: Agricultural diesel drops 3,4 cents per liter from Monday

Lower agricultural diesel price takes place during the three months of the sowing period

The price of agricultural diesel will fall by 3,432 cents per liter from Monday, the 21st, in a support budgeted at 2,7 million euros that will be in force until June 30, announced today the Ministry of Agriculture.

In a statement, the Ministry of Agriculture explains that “after two years of the pandemic, our farmers were faced with rising production costs and had to face the constraints arising from the drought situation that marked the beginning of the year”.

This order, already published in Diário da República, «translates into global support to farmers of around 2,7 million euros and comes to implement one of the measures that the Government announced earlier this week, to mitigate the effects of the drought and of the conflict in Eastern Europe", adds the note.

The fall in the price of colored and marked agricultural diesel will take place during the three months in which, according to the Ministry, “the sowing period takes place, the time of year when there is a greater consumption of this diesel”.