Pollinating insects “win” two hotels in Tavira

Initiative marked the beginning of spring

The pollinating insects now have two hotels in Parque da Água, in Tavira. The installation of this equipment, which served to mark the beginning of spring and the cycle of pollination in nature, was carried out as part of the BZZZZ – Luz Verde to Pollinators initiative, promoted by the City Council, in partnership with the Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira.

As explained by the Câmara de Tavira, «these structures are intended to be privileged places for the observation of biodiversity and potential living laboratories, also allowing to be a place for hibernation, during the winter, and reproduction, in the summer».

The initiative was attended by a group from the 1st Cycle of EB2/3 D. Paio Peres Correia and aimed to raise awareness of the theme of preservation and germination of life on Earth.

«Promoting the life of insects is promoting life on Earth and enhancing the sustainability of ecosystems», concludes the Câmara de Tavira.