Faro will have the Official Animal Collection Center «operating there for the summer»

Space will minimize the problem of abandoned animals in the county

Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação

The Official Animal Collection Center is being created in Medronhal, in the area of ​​Guilhim, Estoi, and will provide shelter for abandoned dogs and cats in the municipality of Faro. The City Council hopes that this equipment will be completed “in four to five months” and “working by the summer”.

The guarantee was given by Rogério Bacalhau, president of the Municipality of Faro, to journalists, on a visit to the works of the Official Animal Collection Center, which took place within the scope of the cycle “Faro Positive".

«Equipment requested by the people of Faro for many years», this Official Collection Center will «minimize the problem of abandoned animals in the county», creating «better conditions to receive and treat them», said the mayor. This equipment represents an investment of around 1,2 million euros.


Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação


Called to explain his project, municipal architect António Palma said that the space, in addition to the reception, will have “veterinary offices, a nursing and animal care area”, as well as “several spaces for washing and caring for dogs. and cats".

The future Official Animal Collection Center will allow «housing between 163 and 173 abandoned animals» from the municipality of Faro, namely dogs and cats, which 'will be grouped into boxes suitable for different species and characteristics'.

There will be 16 collective cells for cats and a kennel area with 42 collective boxes, as well as “a quarantine area for animals that are sick or with other problems”, these spaces being “isolated from others”.

On the outside, behind the building, there will be a space, with waterproof pavement, so that «the animals sheltered in the Center can walk around and be free», underlined the municipal architect.

António Palma also said that the Center is being built in a subdivision provided for in the PDM – Municipal Master Plan for Faro. The work also includes «the road that is being built and that will link to the main road».

The lot also has an extra area, of similar dimensions, «so that, in the future, if there is a need to increase space, more cells will be built», replicating the existing project.


Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação


The Center is at a «very advanced stage of execution, although this final part is the most difficult», because it involves laying tiles, aluminum and electrical installations.

However, as the mayor Rogério Bacalhau recalled, «the work was supposed to have been done elsewhere». «Due to problems with the other municipal land, for which we already had the project done, we ended up having to abandon it and move forward here in Guilhim».

The construction process of the Center was initially conditioned by the cleaning and preparation of the land, «as it was irregular and full of rubbish and construction debris», and now there are some delays, because of the «difficulty in delivering the materials due to the pandemic», stressed the mayor of Faro.

In order for the Collection Center to function, the Faro will open, «between this and next month», a competition to hire human resources. It is planned to place "a veterinarian and several administrative and operational assistants to work in support of the animals".

«This project is in line with a guiding principle of respect and preservation of animal welfare and dignity followed by the municipality of Faro», stressed the mayor.



Photos: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação