Algarve nurses demand career progression as early as January

The Nurses Union sees no reason to postpone it, when there is a "political decision of the Government and budget"

Nurses Protest - Archive Image

The Portuguese Nurses' Union (SEP) demands that the career progression of 500 nurses in the Algarve who have between 10 and 20 years of work, but «who earn the same as a newly licensed nurse», be a reality as from January.

According to the union members, the Algarve University Hospital Center «does not progress nurses with an Individual Employment Contract», while the Algarve Regional Health Administration «does not progress those who transitioned to a career in 2011, 2012 and 2013».

"Both institutions signed these commitments in 2019. More than 2 years later, they still have not fulfilled the commitments, even though they are systematically faced with requests for the dismissal of nurses," added the SEP.

This leads the union to question: "If there is a commitment by the ARS and CHUA, if there is a political decision by the Government and the budget, why delay?"

“This is not just about the economic loss of nurses, which is significant. It is also in question the motivation of professionals who increasingly feel that they are the only ones committed to the duty to fulfill», he assured.

In the context of the presentation of the State Budget proposal for 2022, «the Government assumed that the problem of the progression of nurses is to be resolved».

"In this context - if there is a political decision and there is a budget, as shown by the publication of salary increases for the Public Administration and the national minimum wage, and, in this specific case, there is a commitment by CHUA and ARS Algarve to nurses, we demand that this old and fair claim is resolved in January 2022”, concluded the SEP.