Europe finances light rail between Faro, Airport, UAlg, Loulé and Olhão

The Algarve's regional program is the one with the fastest growing allocation of European funds

A light meter of surface between Faro, the Airport, the University of Algarve, the Parque das Cidades, Loulé and Olhão. This is a work that is included in the proposal for the distribution of community funds for Portugal 2030, which is in public consultation until 30 November. 

According to the document, the objective is for the money, coming from European funds, to support the «connection, in a surface light rail system, between Faro-Airport-University of Algarve-Parque das Cidades-Loulé-Olhão, in an approximate length of 35 kilometers».

With this work, it contributes "to the decarbonization of the regional transport system and road safety", he adds.

This proposal is based on the fact that the area to be served is the one with the «highest population concentration in the South of the country».

A surface meter, the document argues, will help "more than 150 regular residents in urban and suburban areas" who "count thousands of commuting trips daily in their own vehicle, often with a single occupant."

To this are added «the movements of passengers embarked/disembarked at the Airport of Faro who seek these urban centers and also those who choose to continue their journey by rail», he adds.

The request to build a surface light meter, in the style tram train, I have already been in discussion at the presentation session of the National Rail Plan, in July, in Faro, accompanied by the Sul Informação.

Also according to the proposal for funds for 2030, the Algarve regional program is the one with the fastest growing allocation of European funds, going from 319 million euros (Portugal 2020) to 780 million (Portugal 2030).