Library of Faro and ARS distribute poetic recipes to "improve the state of mind" of the population

Initiative aims to encourage reading

The Municipal Library of Faro will distribute «poetic recipes», duly “authorized” by the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve, as part of the new project «Reading is the best medicine», which began this month.

The recipes that will be issued by the library, replicate "the appearance of a medical prescription and recommend the user to take poems written by several authors", according to the Chamber of Faro.

This initiative is part of an «integrated strategy for the promotion of books, reading and literacy, integrated in the Municipal Reading Plan of Faro», and intends to «bring the book, poetry and reading to the community and reach the users of the Health Center units of Faro, inviting them to read and visit the Library, getting to know its programming and services».

Thus, from this month onwards, «professionals from the family health teams and technicians from the Library join efforts to improve the state of mind of their users through poetry reading».

«The dosage of the recipes indicates that one should “read a poem every 12 hours” and, depending on the case, the recipe may contribute “to improve mood”, “to start the day right”, “to combat emotional pain” or even “to read to a friend”. It is also authorized and advised to visit the Municipal Library of Faro, which will have a book to offer to all citizens who present the “poetic recipe”», added the municipality.

In addition to being a form of entertainment and knowledge acquisition, “reading can contribute to mental health. According to recent studies, the habit of reading stimulates the brain and can help fight diseases and reduce stress».