Fight for the City Council of São Brás has a current mayor, a PSD candidate and a "parachutist"

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Five candidates are running for the Chamber of São Brás de Alportel in the Municipal Elections on the 26th of this month. Vítor Guerreiro, current president, fights for a last term, with competition, once again, from Bruno Sousa Costa (PSD), but also from newcomers. 

Since 2002, Vítor Guerreiro has held executive positions in São Brás. He started that year as councilor, became vice president in 2005, and became president in 2013.

In the last elections, in 2017, he was re-elected and is now seeking a last term.

As one of the main competitors, the current mayor has Bruno Sousa Costa (PSD) again.

The Social Democrat, who is a businessman and has a degree in Civil Engineering, is repeating his 2017 candidacy when he also tried to be president. He ended up being elected councilor and has been the face of opposition to Vítor Guerreiro.

In the race for City Hall, there is a name that is little – or not at all – known in São Brás de Alportel.

This is Francisco Laplaine Guimarães, the head of the CDS list who is…born in Lisbon and has no known connection to the Algarve.

In addition to being vice president of the CDS at the national level, since January 2020, he is one of the right arms of Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, the leader of the centrists.

This year, Chega debuts in the municipal race to São Brás de Alportel.

Bráulio de Jesus Moreira, a businessman in the agricultural sector and a volunteer firefighter, is the candidate and became known, on social networks, for his recent participation in a debate among the heads of list in São Brás de Alportel.

Nurse Antonino Costa (CDU), who works at the Center for Medicine and Rehabilitation of the South, closes the list of candidacies for the City Council.

For the Municipal Assembly, the doctor Ulisses Brito, current president, is once again the PS candidate for this municipal body.

At the PSD, the head of the list is Fabiano Rodrigues who, since 2017, has been a municipal deputy for the Social Democrats.

For the CDU, Mário Cunha, who is also a municipal deputy, is the head of the list of this left-wing coalition.

Bráulio Moreira, in addition to running for the Chamber, also heads the candidacy of Chega to the Municipal Assembly. Paulo Gago competes for the CDS.

The municipality of São Brás de Alportel has the particularity of having only one parish.

For this municipal body, the socialist João Rosa is re-candidate for president, with competition from Maria Cesaltina Conceição (PSD), Adriana Cavaco (CDU) and…Bráulio Moreira (Chega), who is also running for the Board.

In 2017, 5.207 people voted in the municipality of São Brás de Alportel, out of a universe of 9.185 subscribers, which corresponds to 56,69% of the total (abstention was 43,31%).

The PS received 61,80% of the votes and elected 4 councilors (mayor included) and the PSD/CDS/MPT/PPM reached 28,44% (1 councilor).

The CDU got 6,30% of the votes.