Loulé expresses "deep grief" for the death of Jorge Sampaio

Jorge Sampaio «was several times in the city of Loulé, as part of electoral campaigns»

Jorge Sampaio in Loulé

The municipality of Loulé received the news of the death of Jorge Sampaio this Friday morning, September 10th, “with great consternation and regret”, recalling the former President of the Republic as a “personality with a singular humanist dimension”. The Cineteatro Louletano postponed the events that were going to take place this weekend due to the three-day national mourning decreed by the Government.

In a note sent to the newsrooms, the municipality highlights some moments in the life of Jorge Sampaio how, «in 1986, he led the PS parliamentary group and, in 1989, he was elected secretary-general», as well as his election, in 1996, as President of the Republic.

Jorge Sampaio «has been in the city of Loulé several times, as part of electoral campaigns, and, in 2014, he participated in the Cycle “Great Testimonies” – sessions with former Presidents of the Republic, organized at the Cineteatro Louletano, within the scope of the celebrations of the 40th years of the 25th of April», highlights the Loulé municipality.

“A personality with a singular humanist dimension, internationally recognized for his defense of Human Rights, Jorge Sampaio leaves us an invaluable legacy of the struggle for democratic values,” he adds.

«The Municipal Council of Loulé, in the person of its president, Vítor Aleixo, publicly expresses its deepest regret for the death of Jorge Sampaio».

For the country to be in national mourning, until next Monday, September 13, the Cineteatro Louletano decided to postpone the events that would take place this weekend, namely the session of the theater play “Catarina and the Beauty of Killing Fascistas” or the concert by Júlio Resende – Fado Jazz Ensemble.

The initiatives of FOMe – Festival of Puppets Objects and Other Foods that were going to take place in Loulé were also postponed.

Cineteatro Louletano will release the new dates for these shows as soon as it is convenient.