Government decrees three days of mourning for the death of President Sampaio

Details of the funeral ceremonies will be released soon

The Council of Ministers will decree national mourning for a period of three days, from tomorrow until Monday, for the death of former President of the Republic Jorge Sampaio, Prime Minister António Costa has just announced.

In contact with the family, «the dates, times and locations of the funeral ceremonies will be announced today» in Sampaio.

In a communication to the country, made recently, at the official residence in São Bento, the prime minister began by addressing a word “of sadness and pity” to family, friends and the PS. About Jorge Sampaio, António Costa highlighted the “civic sense” he had in the exercise of his functions, “from the student struggle, to the international platform he created for Syrian refugees”.

He also highlighted the former President of the Republic as an example of “freedom” and “verticality that honored national political life”.

António Costa added that “Jorge Sampaio exercised his political functions with the same civic sense of militancy and conviction with which, in 1962, he assumed the leadership of the student movement to fight the dictatorship and in recent years, no longer having any official function, he assumed the task of launching a large international platform so that Syrian refugees could pursue their university studies”. Such projects, underlined the prime minister, “were always just one more way to exercise their citizenship”.