“School of Modern Music of the South” is the new bet of Associação de Músicas (Musicians Association)

This is a music school for all ages

The Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians (ARCM), headquartered in the former Fábrica da Cerveja, in Faro, will create a new project: the Modern Music School of the South (EMMS), a music school for all ages, with classes scheduled to start on October 4th.

«We are going to have a school for all ages with the Musical Initiation course, the Modern Music course and the Free Instrument course, singing, drums, guitar, saxophone, piano, double bass, bass and trumpet lessons», he begins by saying the director of EMMS, Ricardo Coelho, teacher of musical education and pianist.

The school will also have José Eduardo, one of the founders of the Hot Club School in Portugal, as a pedagogical advisor at EMMS, and Sónia Cabrita as a drum teacher, among other teachers with extensive experience in teaching music.

«Since the artistic path of most of its members did not necessarily go through musical education in its classical form, many of these musicians seek alternative ways of teaching music, thus giving rise to the idea of ​​creating a music school offering training in different areas of modern music», says João Melro, president of ARCM.

Registration for the Southern Modern Music School they open from 15th September at the headquarters of the association, and classes are scheduled to start on 4th October.

The Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos is known for being «the home of many Algarve musicians and for the associative dynamics that it has revealed through a cultural offer open to all audiences», explains the association.

«With three stages and 14 rehearsal rooms, musical genres such as the rock, jazz, from punk, metal, hip hop, experimental music and jam sessions take shape in the ARCM”, he concludes.