“Portimão Mais Feliz” Coalition criticizes “shortcomings” in the county's schools

Candidature presents some «weak points» of the sector that «urgently address»

Luís Carito – Photo: Elisabete Rodrigues | Sul Informação (File)

The “Happy Portimão” coalition, which has Luís Carito as a candidate for the City Council, criticized this Monday, 20 September, in a press release, the fact that "the entire school structure of the county has evident needs that must be addressed".

The first criticism goes to the non-teaching human resources, placed by the autarchy in educational establishments, which he says are "manifestly insufficient, which requires a constant deployment of staff to attend to various functions that should be ensured by staff dedicated to them." begins by saying “Happy Portimão.

As an example, the coalition states that “the same elements that should support classrooms and their corridors are moved to the cafeteria”.

What also happens in some 1st Cycle schools, “it is worth noting the lack of staff to supervise the students in the breaks”.

The coalition also highlights "the difficulty in hiring operational assistants to replace those who are on sick leave, as well as the slowness that occurs in the entire tender process."

«There is little careful management in relation to the number of students in the EB 2,3 schools in the municipality, since while those in Alvor and Mexilhoeira Grande are running out of students, those in Portimão are overcrowded», stresses the application “Portimão Mais Happy".

In the press release, the coalition also highlights "an unresolved problem", the requalification of physical spaces, as well as the classrooms of 1st Cycle schools that "have no thermal comfort, conditions that those responsible seek to overcome with the use of heating equipment, but which collides with the deficient power of the electrical installation that cannot withstand this overload'.

At issue are also the demands of teaching with the digital modernization that «is not compatible with school equipment, namely the obsolescence of computer resources, both at the level of hardware and ». As for the maintenance of the schools' computer equipment, «it is also verified the lack of availability of the local authority to provide satisfactory technical support».

The “Portimão Mais Feliz” coalition also criticizes the fact that, “despite the fact that the appointment of a teacher to replace another one due to a temporary impediment is a matter of the Ministry of Education's responsibility, there is always great difficulty in this realization. This is due to the high costs associated with the accommodation of the substitute teacher, who is not allocated any subsidy/support for this purpose».

«Consequently, the subjects remain without a title indefinitely, with evident consequences in the deficient absorption of knowledge of the students of the classes involved».

Candidate for Municipalities 2021, the coalition emphasizes that «this will be one of the problems we are aware of and one of the many that we intend to address with the creation of the academic/university campus, which will make Portimão a competitive and attractive city for students and teachers».

«We are also concerned about the state or lack of outdoor areas for students to socialize, especially with regard to areas exposed to natural elements, there is a lack of coverage in rainy weather and little shading for a predominantly hot climate and sunny days ».

With regard to safety, Escola Segura, the candidacy that head of the list Luís Carito notes “a lack of increased surveillance in schools inserted in more disadvantaged sociocultural environments”

Regarding the problem of asbestos existing at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School, «which for years was never resolved», the coalition “Portimão Mais Feliz” says «regret that it was only on the eve of elections that the municipality started its removal».


"Portimão Mais Feliz" billboard vandalized


"The acts of vandalism do not support democracy", stresses the candidacy. Acts of vandalism of posters and banners have taken place in the municipality of Portimão, where posters and banners from Bloco de Esquerda, PS, PSD and Chega have already been affected, as well as in the rest of the Algarve.