Algarve Teresa Paulino exhibits sculptures at Designer Outlet Algarve

Exhibition will be open until 31st October

Nine sculptures by the Algarve artist Teresa Paulino, some of which are large, will be on display until the 31st of October, at the Designer Outlet Algarve, in Loulé.

Teresa Paulino is an Algarve artist who, among other works, there is a sculpture next to the airport of Faro and, in this exhibition in his own name, he presents the pieces “Mulher Coragem 2”, crafted in fiberglass and hand-painted metal, the “Bust of the Republic” with fiberglass, resin, plaster and fabrics and “Latinha de Sardines” a hand-painted stone and fiberglass creation.

Among the other patent pieces, highlight for some emblematic pieces, full of symbolism, such as the “Guitarra de Amália”, crafted with fiberglass and hand painted, and “A Guitarra Carlos Paredes”, another of the creations in fiberglass and resin fabrics.

For Miguel Guerreiro, center director of Designer Outlet Algarve, «this exhibition is very special for us, first of all, because it is by an Algarve artist with a lot of talent. Secondly, because the beauty and size of most of the pieces deserve space to be appreciated, which is something that, given the characteristics of our shopping centre, we can offer, resulting in an exhibition that captures everyone's attention».

The exhibition can be visited between 10:00 am and 23:00 pm, which corresponds to the space's opening hours.