Albufeira: Volunteers collected more than 2 tons of garbage on land and at sea

109 volunteers participated in the action

More than two tons of garbage were collected by 109 volunteers from the sands, the cliffs and the seabed in Albufeira, last Saturday, the 18th.

This cleaning and awareness action, which served to mark the International Coastal Cleaning Day, involved the municipality of Albufeira, fishermen, firefighters, associations, the Marina de Albufeira and maritime-tourist companies.

1500 kilos of garbage were collected on the sand and along the cliffs, while 650 kilos were brought in from the bottom of the sea by divers.

The actions in terms of the coastline took place at Praia da Rocha Baixinha Leste, in Molhos Nascente and West of the Porto de Abrigo de Albufeira.

At Praia da Rocha Baixinha Leste 38 volunteers gathered by the Dinamika Association collected 12 bags of garbage, totaling 300 kilos, «mostly from fishing (ropes, blankets, fishing line, buckets, plastic) and many glass bottles (result of meetings held by the beach), masks and butts», according to the City Council of Albufeira.

At the same time, the Association for the Research of the Marine Environment and the Association of Professional Fishermen of Albufeira «gathered 19 volunteers who took care of the cleaning of the spring sauce of the Port of Shelter of Albufeira, where they collected 15 bags with about 200 kilos of garbage essentially constituted by plastic (carboys, bottles and ropes)'.

«The cleaning action in the western pool of Porto de Abrigo and surrounding area was the responsibility of the Baleeira Sport and Recreational Fishing Association, which, with the support of 13 volunteers, managed to collect 1000 kilos of garbage, including glass, plastic and wood that over the years they have been deposited on the slope», added the municipality.



The underwater cleaning took place at four points on the seabed: Pedra do Alto, Pedra de Santa Eulália, Arrifes de Fora and Pedra da Oura.

«The action involved 9 boats and 37 volunteers, including fishermen, through the Association of Professional Fishermen of Albufeira, who made their boats available for the collection of marine litter, Firefighters 146 Volunteers from Albufeira and two diving clubs, Indigo Divers and Easydivers, a vessel from Dreamwave, a maritime tourism company, and another vessel from the Association of Sport and Recreational Fishing of Baleeira, which supported the transport of some divers», described the Chamber.

The municipality highlighted the participation of the municipality's fishermen throughout the process, «through an active involvement in all activities, whether on land or at sea, as well as the intervention of the Albufeira Volunteer Fire Department, whose action was fundamental. to discover and collect a huge fishing net that was at the bottom of the sea».

Docapesca de Albufeira and Marina de Albufeira also joined the initiative, «through the provision of containers for garbage collection and the offer of 90 liters of fuel, respectively».

"It was thanks to the logistical support of the two entities that it was possible to unload marine litter (nets, fishing traps and cables, among others) collected by the various teams of divers, which was brought ashore by different vessels."



The event was also marked with an awareness-raising action carried out by the Live Science Center of the Algarve, which took the opportunity to present the ALIMAR project – Marine Waste Action, at the Mercado Municipal dos Caliços.

The initiative aimed to draw the attention of market visitors to the theme, namely with regard to knowledge of the cycle of microplastics until they reach our plate and the urgent need for conservation and sustainable use of the ocean.

The Clube de Pesca e Nautica Desportiva de Albufeira also joined the event «through the elaboration of a awareness document about the different types of garbage that reach the oceans and the role that each one of us must have in the reduction of marine debris, in order to have a cleaner and healthier ocean».


Photos: Albufeira Chamber