Six days, six concerts: Capitão Fausto are «in the mood to play» in Faro

«It was a difficult year, but now it's for real»

Photo: Martyna Mazurek | Sul Informação - File

There will be the hits of albums like “Invenção do Dia Claro”, but also “some things we never played live”. Capitão Fausto will give six concerts in six days, in Faro. The first is already this Friday, 27th of August, at Figuras à Rampa, followed by an unprecedented tour of the municipality's islands. In the band, there is no hiding the «willingness to play this season» in the Algarve.

Domingos Coimbra is the bassist of Capitão Fausto, one of the main rock groups that emerged in Portugal in recent years.

In an interview with Sul Informação, the musician adds that, at today's concert, from 21:30 pm, on the ramp of Teatro das Figuras (Faro), spectators can expect a show that will make “a collection of the four albums and some versions we made for Sol-Posto, our concert film”.

In a way, it will be a «revisit» of what the band has been doing over the years, with «greater primacy for the last two albums (“Invenção do Dia Claro” and “Capitão Fausto has his days numbered”)».

It is on these records that you can find hits like “Boa Memória”, “Lentamente”, “Certeza” or “Amanhã 'Tou Melhor”.



«While we are in the process of preparing new songs, it is a good phase for us to revisit our repertoire», comments Domingos Coimbra to our newspaper.

From the ramp of Teatro das Figuras, Capitão Fausto will proceed to a series of “different” concerts, as the bassist recognizes.

It will be a kind of tour through the islands of the municipality of Faro: Breech (29th), Hangars (30), Farol (31), Deserta (1 September) and Praia de Faro (two). On five consecutive days, each island will host a concert for 2 people.

«The idea for these shows? Well, it came about through a partnership between the Municipality and our team. We play much further north, we've had concerts in the Algarve, but not so often. We thought it would be good to do a one-season genre and ended up going even further in this idea of ​​concerts on the islands», explains Domingos Coimbra.

The goal is also to have "one more flashy" for people to go to Culatra, Farol or Hangares that are not just the beach.

As for the concerts, they will be «more intimate, with a special repertoire, and I think this is very interesting», considers the bassist.

The logistical part «will be the big question» and Domingos Coimbra foresees «an atypical work day». «We are going to play on land, but there will be instruments to go by boat, there is sand, wind… It seems to me that we will always have an improvised side», he says.

What is certain is that Capitão Faustos, who have already started working on a new album, are “in the mood to play” and cheer up the band's fans. As for tickets for all concerts…they are sold out.

«Our true meaning is with the audience, in concerts. That's where that perfect symbiosis takes place. We really miss this meeting and it is an excellent sign that the idea of ​​a concert is becoming ever safer and more normal», considers Domingos.

«It was a difficult year, but now it's for real», he concludes, laughing.