Fernando Daniel gives concert in Tavira

It is mandatory to wear a mask

Photo: Martyna Mazurek | Sul Informação - File

The artist Fernando Daniel will give a concert on August 12, starting at 22 pm, at Parque do Palácio, in Tavira.

This show takes place as part of the “Summer in Tavira” program.

The album “Presente”, by Fernando Daniel, was six weeks in a row in the first place of the national top sales.

This work includes themes such as “Se Eu” (platinum single) with the participation of Brazilians Melim, “Melodia da Saudade” and “Tal Como Sou”.

Tickets cost 5 euros and can be purchased every day, from 20 pm to 00 pm, at Praça da República.

Those who want can also buy tickets in the square in front of Palácio da Galeria: show days, between 20:00 pm and 23:00 pm (only for availability of tickets corresponding to the evening show) or at Palácio da Galeria: Tuesday to Saturday, between 10:30 and 18:45.

It is mandatory to wear a mask and comply with the defined safety rules.

According to the Câmara de Tavira, "it is not mandatory to present a test to COVID-19, nor a digital certificate, since the venue is open-air and with a capacity of less than 1000 seats".