Associação Pluto de Verão presents “Sara Sara” and a “Retrospective of a Faro future"

The association's first year of existence was focused on the creation of the Young South Film Festival

"Retrospective of a Faro future” and “Sara Sara”. These are the two shows that the Pluto de Verão cultural association will stage, during the month of September, in the Algarve capital. 

The first will take place on September 4, at the Roman Ruins of Milreu (Estoi) and is part of the DiVaM Program – Dynamization and Valorization of Monuments.

The second, through the Support Program for Cultural Action in the Algarve, will be on stage at LAMA Teatro's Blackbox and reservations are available through this link.

"Retrospective of a Faro future” consists of reading eight legends about the city of Faro to the sound of hip-hop, with the Roman ruins of Milreu as a backdrop. The creation of the original instruments is in charge of Nuno “Kabula” Esmael, producer from Farense and member of Pluto de Verão.

The readings will be done by members of all theater companies/associations in Faro: André Canário (te-Atrito), Catarina Silva (TwoMaisUm), Fúlvia Almeida (ArQuente), João de Brito (LAMA Theater), Luís Vicente (ACTA), Miguel Martins Pessoa (JAT), Tânia Silva (AFera) and Vasco Seromenho (JAT), which will interpret them in Portuguese sign language.

The legends were chosen through the scientific advice of the Ataíde Oliveira Study Center of the University of Algarve, except one: writing about a future potential of Faro, by Diogo Simão.

«Through reading the urban legends of Faro we perpetuate the “fictitious” memories that formed the collective identity that Farenses recognize as their own. It will serve as a DNA test of urban narratives. In fact, both projects are deeply rooted in the Algarve culture, but they use it to find universal truths», he says.

“Sara Sara” is a play written and staged by Diogo Simão, starring actress Sara Afonso and also musician Nuno “Kabula” Esmael.

«This piece is born from a creative process with the actress Sara Afonso. We were interested in exploring the way wounds, physical and psychological, heal. We wanted to understand how shared realities, such as a city, a song or a specific event, shape different people in different ways. We don't assume answers but we realize that, especially the younger generations, they have a lot of questions in common and they don't share them. We want, together with the public, to understand why», concludes Diogo Simão.

The association's first year of existence was focused on creating the Young South Film Festival. Through partnerships with the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, Loulé Film Office, Teatro Estúdio Fontenova, Cineteatro Louletano, Center for Arts and Shows of Figueira da Foz, Cineclube de Faro and with the artist Welket Bungué, dozens of short films were shown to thousands of spectators and numerous masterclasses were organized with various directors.

The association was also responsible for preparing projects aimed at education.

«We want to create synergies between cultural entities and actively participate in the education and training of the next generations», explains Diogo Simão, artistic director of the association.

“These two projects are the starting point for these two goals to start to materialize,” he adds.

A documentary is also being made on the play's development process, to «show young theater students in the Algarve that it is possible to create in the region, without leaving it».

With artistic advice from João de Brito and Bruno Schiappa, wardrobe by Filipe Correia and lighting design by Rafael Davide Góis, it has LAMA Teatro, the Folha de Medronho company and the support of the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve as partners. “Sara Sara” marks the debut of Pluto de Verão in theatrical production.