Garbage cleaning on the Monsaraz river beach to preserve the Alqueva reservoir's ecosystems

Initiative integrated in Blue Flag Med Week

This Sunday, the 11th of July, from 10:00 am, the river beach of Monsaraz receives a garbage cleaning action, as part of the initiative Blue Flag MedWeek, under the program clean seas of the United Nations.

The cleaning operation of the sand and areas surrounding the river beach of Monsaraz is included in this initiative, which began in 2017 and involves all Mediterranean countries that are members of the international blue flag, promoting simultaneous actions to clean beaches and marinas under the motto “Caring for the sea that unites us”.

«With this action, it is intended to contribute to the preservation of existing ecosystems in the Alqueva reservoir, as aquatic waste is found in all lakes, rivers, seas and oceans in the world, from densely populated coastal areas to the most isolated islands . This type of waste is a huge problem for the balance of marine or lake ecosystems, but also for human health», stresses the Chamber of Reguengos de Monsaraz.

«The beaches are favorable environments for the agglomeration of people and, therefore, they are a privileged place for the concentration of waste, manufactured or processed, which then enters the aquatic system and ends up at the bottom of the oceans. Marine litter affects countless species of mammals, reptiles, fish and birds, which get caught in fishing nets or who mistake plastic items for food», adds that authority.

In this year's edition of Blue Flag MedWeek non-governmental organizations from Portugal, Spain, Croatia, France, Cyprus, Montenegro, Greece, Israel, Slovenia, Turkey and Malta participate, which aim to mobilize the region's inhabitants, associations, school community and tourists to play an active role in the combating marine litter.