More than 65% of people in the Algarve already have at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine

Absences in vaccination centers worry

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65,8% of the Algarve population has already received at least one dose of the vaccine against Covid-19, revealed, on Friday, Paulo Morgado, president of the Regional Health Administration (ARS), at a press conference.

According to the official, until midnight last Thursday, 287.879 people had been vaccinated in the Algarve, with 111.301 already having full vaccination, which represents 31% of the resident adult population.

With incomplete vaccination, that is, with only the first dose received, there are 176.578 people in the Algarve, which is equivalent to 49,19% of the population.

This means, explained the president of the ARS, that «in the Algarve, 80,19% of adults over 18 years of age and 65,8% of the total population have already received at least one dose».

According to Paulo Morgado, "a little more than 70 people need to be vaccinated to vaccinate the entire adult resident population."

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Despite these numbers, not everything is going well in the vaccination process, since, said the president of the ARS, there are many people missing. “We got to have 50, 100 people who, in a vaccination center, confirm their presence and then leave. It's an embarrassment that has happened. We are vaccinating people of working age and, for various reasons, some end up not showing up», he explained.

Jorge Botelho, secretary of State coordinating the fight against the pandemic in the Algarve, also showed “concern about vaccination”, but guaranteed that there will be “an increase in schedules to vaccinate more people. It will be an extra effort, to find more people. Also, we will open a free period in the afternoon. If there are vaccines, we have to vaccinate more».

This free period in the afternoon is called the “open house” and, Paulo Morgado said, since Saturday it has been open “in our vaccination centers in the afternoon. All users over 55 years old who have not yet been vaccinated can go to the centers that are open».

This week “the process of vaccination of the migrant community will begin. We are going to vaccinate this community, which is especially vulnerable», he said.