Figuras à Ramp join Capitão Fausto and Tiago Bettencourt with Algarve bands

The concerts will always take place between 21:30 pm and 23:45 pm

Renowned names such as Capitão Fausto, Tiago Bettencourt or The Legendary Tigerman will join emerging bands from the Algarve for a series of five concerts, from the 2nd to the 30th of July, on the ramp of Teatro das Figuras, in Faro. 

The opening, on July 2, is up to Catalina and Captain Fausto. The Lisbon band, which in 2020 crowned a national tour through the theaters with a sold out concert in Campo Pequeno alongside the Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, returns to play live after the Sol Posto experience, a concert film that took fans more of 70 movie theaters, making it one of the most watched films of the year.

The night starts with the pop, R&B and soul of Catalina, an artist from the Algarve who went solo after participating in “The Voice Portugal” in 2017, but who was previously part of several musical projects in the region such as “GRYT”, “Epiphany ” and “Gaijas”.

A week later, on the night of July 16, The Legendary Tigerman «comes to Faro deliver love in the form of rock'n'roll», says Teatro das Figuras.

The public will have already entered a return to the future mode by then, with the blues and rock of the 50s, 60s and 70s by the Algarve band The Mirandas.

«We will have to wait another week before we can live another magical night: first with Galopim, a project by Faro and one of the most applauded by the music industry who attended the concert given by the duo in the context of the 1st edition of South Music and later with the Banda Do Filme “Variações”, created for the tribute film to António Variações, which puts us live. dancing and singing some of the most beautiful and timeless songs of Portuguese pop», says Teatro das Figuras.

On July 23, Figuras à Rampa welcomes the composer, multi-instrumentalist, interpreter and writer, NEEV, who promises not to leave out of the repertoire “Dancing in the Stars”, the theme that led him to the final of the Festival da Canção this year, becoming the most voted artist by the public. The night starts with another rising talent from the Algarve, the singer, rapper and composer Infante, who mixes Rap and R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul.

Figuras à Rampa says goodbye on the 30th of July, in a night that begins with Suricata, an Algarve trio, and ends with Tiago Bettencourt.

This program «aims to respond to the Guaranty Culture Program in a partnership between Metrónomo, Teatro das Figuras and the Municipality of Faro, enriching the theater program but also the cultural offer of the city, on a path to the return and return to performances».

«These shows also involve teams, structures, suppliers, companies providing services in the audiovisual field, which in this way have the opportunity to resume operations, promoting a gradual return to work in the sector. This project is translated into a collaborative effort with municipal entities, local and national press and contemplates direct support to an essential fabric, also in crisis: restaurants and hotels», highlights Teatro das Figuras.

The concerts will always take place between 21:30 pm and 23:45 pm. Tickets are already on sale, in the usual places, for the single price of 10 euros, with a percentage of the revenue being handed over to the Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos de Faro.

All shows will be recorded and broadcast at 21 pm, on Teatro das Figuras' social networks, on the day after the date, so that as many people as possible can have access to these special concerts by Figuras à Rampa.