More than 6.100 people prevented from crossing borders between Portugal and Spain

Guadiana International Bridge (Castro Marim) is the third border where more citizens have been barred

More than 6.100 people have been prevented from moving on the borders between Portugal and Spain since January 31, the date on which temporary control came back into force due to the pandemic, the Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI) revealed today.

In a balance sheet statement on the control of land borders due to covid-19, the MAI states that the Aliens and Borders Service (SEF) and the Republican National Guard (GNR) controlled, between January 31 and April 03, a total 786.829 citizens and 682.2456 vehicles at authorized crossing points (PPA).

According to MAI, of the 786.829 controlled citizens, 6.141 were prevented from circulating through authorized crossing points.

The Ministry under the tutelage of Eduardo Cabrita states that the refusals of circulation occurred in Valença (2.080), Caia (1.272), Castro Marim (1.090), Vila Verde da Raia (480), Vilar Formoso (452), Vila Verde de Ficalho ( 175), Quintanilha (156), Monção (97), Marvão (71), Miranda do Douro (55), Ponte da Barca (50), Melgaço (44), Monfortinho (44), Montalegre (31), Barrancos (25 ), Mourão (13) and Vinhais (six).

The MAI also states that the PPA of Valença, Viana do Castelo, was the one that controlled the largest number of citizens, a total of 298.423, followed by Vilar Formoso, Guarda (127.018), Vila Verde da Raia, Chaves (101.258), Caia , Elvas (83.988), Castro Marim, Faro (55.211), Quintanilha, Bragança (31.018) and Vila Verde de Ficalho, Beja (25.174).

In PPAs that operate with limited hours, 8.896 people were controlled in Marvão, 27.976 in Monção, 4.554 in Melgaço, 1.879 in Montalegre, 531 in Vinhais, 2.067 in Ponte da Barca, 3.197 in Miranda do Douro, 6.989 in Termas de Monfortinho, 6.625 in Mourão, 1.938 in Barrancos and 87 in Rio de Onor.

The MAI also indicates that the GNR controlled 682.245 vehicles, 292.680 of which were heavy goods and 389.565 light vehicles, having rerouted 238 vehicles to the PPA at unauthorized crossing points.

The Ministry of Internal Administration announced today that the control of people at the land and river borders between Portugal and Spain will continue until April 15 due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Circulation between Portugal and Spain in the 18 PPAs is limited to the international transport of goods, cross-border workers and seasonal workers duly documented, as well as emergency and emergency vehicles and emergency services.