Judokas Telma Monteiro and Bárbara Timo visited Água Monchique factory

Judokas are Benfica athletes

Telma Monteiro, European judo champion, and Bárbara Timo, winner of the bronze medal at the European Championships, visited the Água Monchique factory this Monday, April 26, as part of the National Production Day.

The visit of the two judokas, who are athletes from Benfica, Água Monchique's partner club, was accompanied by Henrique Prucha, commercial and marketing director of Sociedade da Água de Monchique, and by Rui André, president of the City Council.

“It is an honor and a pride for us to receive the visit of these two brilliant athletes, a few days after taking Portugal's name far and wide with the excellent results achieved in European judo teams”, highlighted Henrique Prucha.

During the visit, this manager had the opportunity to present to the two judokas the results of the investment of 8,5 million euros, made recently, which allowed «to equip the manufacturing unit with state-of-the-art technology, transforming it into a reference in terms of innovation and sustainability in the mineral water market in Portugal», says Sociedade da Água de Monchique.

«The new Monchique era, which involved the rebranding of the brand, the widening of the range of products available to the market and the development of new, more sustainable packaging, was also accompanied by the reinforcement of the brand's connection to top-level sport, namely as Official Water of Sport Lisboa e Benfica», stresses the society.

«The available and interested way in which, during the visit, Telma Monteiro and Bárbara Timo got involved with the brand, with the company, with our employees, is very comforting for us and illustrates the success of the connection between the two brands , Água Monchique and SLB and which is essentially based on shared values» stated Henrique Prucha.



Telma Monteiro, European judo champion, highlighted as the company's trademark «the passion and authenticity that is breathed in Água Monchique and which are principles shared in my daily life as a high competition athlete and in which I clearly see myself. I identify”, highlighting the brand's concern with sustainability and its “genuine interest in working for a better society and a better world”.

“It was a very special visit. This is the way to thank the support that Água Monchique has given us», thanked the judoka.

Bárbara Timo was grateful for the visit “because of the warm way in which we were received, and for the quality of the work that we can see that is carried out daily at Água Monchique. A life where you feel the passion and seriousness that are placed in everything you do. Always with an enormous spirit of resilience. Values ​​and principles that we, high competition athletes, deal with on a daily basis and with which we identify», he concluded.

The athletes from Spot Lisboa and Benfica were also accompanied by the Mayor of Monchique Rui André, who presented the two champions with a “Scissors Chair”, a piece of handicraft, in this case made by Celso Vicente, and which is an icon from Monchique.

Rui André also highlighted the happiness of the champions' visit to the municipality, praising the economic and social contribution made by Sociedade da Água de Monchique as the largest local private employer, as well as the way in which the company was inserted in this Algarve community.

The visit of Telma Monteiro and Bárbara Timo was also registered in the “Wall of Fame Monchique Lovers”, with the personalization and signature of the “drop”, which is already a hallmark of Água Monchique.