HMB will sing the national anthem at the Portuguese F1 Grand Prix

“We are super nervous”, confesses Héber Marques

Last year it was Cuca Roseta, this year the music is quite different: the HMB will sing, next Sunday, the national anthem “A Portuguesa” before the start of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Portugal, at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, in Portimão. 

The revelation was made on the program «Manhãs da Comercial» by the leader of the HMB, Héber Marques: “It is a very great honor. We had a lot of enjoyment. How are we going to make an arrangement that is our identity, but that doesn't distort our national anthem?”, asks the musician.

That's why, admits Héber, "we're super-nervous." “I think we're going to have to take a tranquilizer. According to what they say, 360 million people watch the broadcast” on television. 

“They had a dream. The organization wanted to have the coolest band in Portugal. It fell to us”.

According to Rádio Comercial, there are more reasons that lead to the choice of HMBs to sing the national anthem, but Héber Marques did not want to reveal in public which ones.