Faro renews support for the Ria Solidária ambulance boat

The Ria Formosa ambulance boat makes, on average, about 180 evacuations per year

The Chamber of Faro approved the renewal of support for the Ria Solidária vessel, the “ambulance” of the housing centers on the barrier islands of Ria Formosa.

The Faro local authority will renew the protocol «between Chambers of Faro and Olhão, INEM and the National Maritime Authority allow the operation and sustainability of the vessel that provides assistance to the populations of the Ria Formosa barrier islands».

«With the extension of this protocol, signed in 2018, the Municipalities of Faro and Olhão, as well as INEM, continue to contribute with support of 7 thousand euros, in a total of 21 thousand euros per year, for maintenance and operational expenses of this vessel, which was built by the Civil Government of Faro in 2007 and delivered by the National Civil Protection Authority to the National Maritime Authority (AMN) in 2013», summarized the Chamber of Faro.

Operated by AMN from the Salva Vidas Station in Olhão, this vessel «has the mission of serving, on a regular basis, the populations of the nuclei of the island of Culatra, in the municipality of Faro, and the islands of Fuseta and Armona, in the municipality of Olhão, through the logistical transport of patients and people with reduced mobility due to inaccessibility by other means with adequate conditions».

Currently, this ambulance boat registers an average of 180 evacuations per year.

«With the continuity of this protocol, the municipality of Faro and the other partners continue to share the vessel's operating and sustaining expenses and INEM sees its capacity of pre-hospital assistance to the populations of these islands increased”, added the municipality of Faro.

The Chamber of Faro welcomes "the continuation of a protocol that allows the guarantee of a public service to the populations of the barrier islands, in terms of providing relief, since the right to health must be granted to all citizens".