Portimão Hotel and Tourism School holds “Open Day” with online sessions

There will be clarification of doubts and presentation of activities developed at the school

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The School of Hospitality and Tourism (EHT) of Portimão promotes, next Thursday, April 29, a open day (Open Day), with several online sessions aimed at young people.

In a partnership between the Portuguese Tourism Schools network and the Forum Student magazine, the open day is aimed at young people aged 15 years and over, parents and vocational advisors, with room for answering questions and presenting the activities developed at the school.

Interested parties can participate in the following online forums: School presentation, training offer, “You Questions, I'll Answer” space (running at 10am), forum for clarification of doubts (running at 17:00 pm), and Conversations with former students (at 18:00 pm).

In these sessions, the dual-certification courses (equivalence to 12th year of schooling and professional qualification) that will begin in academic year 2021/2022 will be presented.

The remaining initiatives, which will take place throughout the day, will be transmitted through the Facebook and Instagram of EHT Portimão.

Full program

09:30 am – Presentation of the Portuguese Tourism Schools Network

10:00 am – Student Forum magazine report about the School

10:30 am – Question clarification session

11:30 am – Workshop 1: Shall we talk about mixology and decanting?

12:30 pm – Testimony of a former student of the Schools of Tourism Network

15:00 pm – Workshop 2: Gourmet cuisine with tradition

16:00 pm – Testimony of a former student of the Schools of Tourism Network

17:00 am – Question clarification session

18:00 pm – Conversation with former students