António Malta, head nurse of DICAD and founder of MAPS, died

António Malta was a well-known figure in the health area at a regional level.

António Malta, head nurse of the Division of Intervention in Addictive Behaviors and Dependencies (DICAD) of the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve and founder of MAPS – Support Movement for the Aids Problem, died this Monday, 29 March. 

A well-known figure in the area of ​​health, at a regional level, António Malta (also known as “The Malta”) worked for years in street operations.

This has always been a job to help people get through difficult times. He was also a very active professional in actions to prevent addictive behaviors and reduce addictions.

ARS/Algarve has already gone public to lament the death of António Malta, remembering a “unique human being and an example to all for his exceptional human qualities, of altruism of a life dedicated to the prevention and treatment of drug addiction”.

"His vitality combined with his unsurpassed availability, energy, motivation and unforgettable good mood and genuine sense of humor contributed to a significant improvement in the provision of health care and differentiated treatments in the area of ​​addictive behaviors and addictions, always praised by all those with whom he came across, over more than three decades of career as a nurse, from users, friends and health professionals», says the ARS.

The Loulé Council has also issued a note of regret, adding that, in honor of António Malta, the municipality will give the nurse's name to a room integrated in the Social Action services.

António Malta was also a technician at the Institute for Drugs and Drug Addiction (IDT) and head of the Specialized Technical Team for Risk Reduction and Damage Minimization in Portimão.