Fire in Estaminé reduces «working life to ashes»

«Everything burned, even the photo album»

"A lifetime of work, everything reduced to ashes." The words, spoken in a choked voice, are from José Vargas, owner of the Estaminé restaurant, on Ilha Deserta (Faro), what it burned down on the whole tuesday night, March 2nd. 

The entrepreneur spoke with the Sul Informação, minutes after he reached Deserta, where he found a scene of total destruction. "Everything burned, even the photo album," he reported.

The Estaminé was under construction, «taking advantage of this period without activity», and José Vargas himself had been there yesterday, until 18 pm, but at the time of the fire, no one was in the place.

“We were using this time when we were closed for improvements, with a view to an opening in the higher season and now this has happened”, he said, moved.

As for the causes of the fire, they are unknown. “I don't know what happened. Now, the Judiciary Police are here and I hope they can tell me something, because what happened in particular, unfortunately, I don't know either».

In addition to the alarm at the security center, José Vargas learned of what was going on last night through a call “from a fisherman”.

“He called me to say that the restaurant was on fire and that he had heard explosions, probably from the gas canisters. I went to the window and immediately saw what was happening», she reports.

Despite heavy losses, José Vargas refuses throw the towel to the ground and also already thinking about the future.

“I'm going to activate the insurance, try to understand what happened and rebuild everything, because we have 33 people in our charge. That's what I think about».



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