Find out how to change your car's air filter

Replacing this element is one of the simplest repair actions that are carried out on the vehicle.

An automobile engine needs two components to run. Fuel and air.

The air that the engine absorbs must first pass through the air filter. Briefly explained, the function of the air filter is to retain impurities without affecting the air flow that enters the engine for combustion.

An automobile air filter is one of the simplest parts, but with one of the most important functions. Because, when driving with a saturated filter, the engine's performance is affected, which can cause damage. This also implies an increase in the emission of contaminating gases into the atmosphere.


But after all, what is the air filter for?

The air filter is the first part of the engine's intake system. It retains suspended dust particles so that they cannot enter the combustion chamber. If the air filter becomes saturated and is not replaced, particles can pass through and crack the pistons and cylinder walls, which would result in premature engine deterioration. As such, replacing the air filters at the right time will prevent serious damage that would require high repair costs.

Replacing this element is one of the simplest repair actions that are carried out on the vehicle. Even without special knowledge and skills, this procedure only takes 10 minutes and can be done by you. Replacement is often performed during all regular inspections of the engine and cooling system.

The air filter can have various faults such as filter clogging, mechanical damage to the filter housing and damage to the filter element.

Your car may have various symptoms to let you know that the filter is damaged.

They are:

  • Significant loss of engine power;
  • Prevent the engine from starting;
  • Increased amount of carbon monoxide in exhaust gases;
  • Increased fuel consumption;
  • Black or bluish color of exhaust gases;
  • Abnormal noises and sounds during engine operation.

On the other hand, there are several causes for the engine filter to malfunction:

  • Exceed the life of the air filter;
  • Oil or water entering the filter;
  • Poor road surface or off-road vehicle operation;
  • Incorrect installation of the part;
  • Clearance of filter fixings;
  • Leakage in hoses.


Do you know when to change your car's air filter?

As a general rule, change in the range of kilometers that your mechanic recommends. But this is not so linear, as factors such as the season of the year and the composition of the floor that the vehicle travels, greatly affect the condition of the filter.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, you can also check the color and appearance of the filter to analyze the degree of dirt. The original color of filters is usually light yellow or white. To be able to see the color of the filter, shake it a little to remove dust from the surface and check the condition of the paper fiber, but do not try to clean it as it may break.

You can make your own diagnosis using your vehicle's filter. For this, it is necessary to remove the filter housing, which is often connected by screws or hooks. Then just remove the filter and inspect its condition.

Every 7/8 thousand km, check the filter's pollution status. If it is a little “dirty”, it can only be shaken lightly or blown. Don't forget to check the surface as well, as it must always be dry. The presence of moisture or oil in the filter may indicate oil leakage or radiator damage.

However, as surface cleaning is negligible, it is necessary to change the air filter when it is dirty, thus contributing to the good performance of the engine, avoiding more serious complications.


Air filter replacement

In case of damage to the filter, an immediate replacement of the part is necessary. During replacement, you should also check the engine's cylinders and pistons, as dust in the combustion chamber can completely deactivate the internal combustion engine.

The replacement of the air filter, as a rule, is carried out every 10/15 km.

However, it cannot be forgotten that every 7/8 it is recommended to inspect the filter and check if it is suitable for circulation up to 10/15 kilometers.


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