Municipality of Lagoa supports animal protection associations in the municipality

Chamber allocated 29.500 euros to two associations

During 2020, the municipality of Lagoa supported two of the associations based in the municipality, which are dedicated to the protection and promotion of animal welfare, for a total amount of 29.500 euros.

The Municipality of Lagoa and the two non-profit associations, CCCA-Carvoeiro Cat Charity and Aryel-Association for Animal Protection of Lagoa, celebrated, in 2020, two cooperation protocols that allowed the municipality to support and guarantee the care provided to stray animals.

Welcoming stray and abandoned animals, assessing their health and providing adequate care, promoting the responsible adoption of cats as well as the sterilization of colonies of these animals to control their procreation, and developing awareness-raising actions in the community, are some of the commitments assumed by these associations based in the municipality of Lagoa, to which the Municipality joined.

The municipal executive had already visited, in May 2020, these two associations to learn more about the operating conditions and to verify the difficulties they face, demonstrating a concern for the animal cause and committed to collaborating in their defense and well-being.

In addition to the financial support given to these two associations, the Municipality of Lagoa, under the Inter-administrative Contract signed in early 2020 with the Union of Parishes of Lagoa and Carvoeiro, allocated a sum of 16.000 euros to support the “Gato de Rua” project, implemented since 2014 with the support of the Municipality.

The Municipality of Lagoa states that it is "concerned with the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), namely the protection of terrestrial life, indicated in the 15th SDG which proposes "Protecting Terrestrial Life", addressing the various dimensions of sustainable development ».