Água Monchique uses money from Christmas dinner to make the child's dream come true

Água Monchique invites all Portuguese to support Make-A-Wish

The Sociedade da Água de Monchique will fulfill the dream of a child supported by Make-A-Wish, using the amount that would be spent on the company's Christmas dinner and activities.

According to the company, "the realization of this desire results from the contribution of the entire Monchique family."

Vítor Hugo Gonçalves, CEO of Sociedade da Água de Monchique, explains that «in the impossibility of having our traditional Christmas dinner, as a result of the current contingencies, we felt that we would have to use this amount in a different way. Make-A-Wish for the extraordinary work it develops with children and young people deserves all our admiration and dedication. This partnership is a huge joy for our company because, since the beginning, our solidarity projects have been mainly aimed at children, so supporting Make-A-Wish is something that excites and motivates us».

In addition to this donation, throughout December, in a campaign running on the brand's various digital platforms, Água Monchique «will make all consumers and companies aware of the impact that Make-A-Wish and the fulfillment of wishes have on physical and psychological health of these children and young people, inviting them to be part of this solidarity movement and to individually contribute to the realization of more wishes».

With the motto “Enough”, Água Monchique, «in a wave of solidarity that wants to be embraced by all Monchique Lovers, invites all Portuguese people to support Make-A-Wish».

“We just have to be attentive. Just give us a little bit. A drop is enough to make all the difference», calls Vítor Hugo Gonçalves.

“As a socially responsible company we feel that our commitment to Make-A-Wish should go further and as such we would like to challenge all Monchique Lovers to join us and create a huge wave of solidarity with children and young people who deposit in Make-A-Wish the dream of seeing their wish come true», adds the company's CEO.

Mariana Carreira, Executive Director of Make-A-Wish, believes that «the Monchique family and the Make-A-Wish community, together, will manage to create a wave that will allow for the fulfillment of more wishes».

The Realizar Um Desejo Foundation, created in 2007, a Portuguese affiliate of Make-A-Wish® International, has the mission of fulfilling wishes for children and young people, from 3 to 17 years old, throughout the national territory, with serious, progressive diseases , degenerative or malignant, providing them with a moment of strength, joy and hope.