Sérgio Palma Brito launches the book «TAP, que futuro? How did we get here?”

Book released by Edições Colibri can be ordered directly

«TAP, what future? How did we get here?” is the title of the new book by Sérgio Palma Brito, which will be released by Edições Colibri.

The book will have a limited edition of 600 copies. Its sale price to the public is 16 euros, but will be sent to subscribers via CTT for the value of 15 euros (VAT and postage included).

To purchase the work, you must contact Edições Colibri by email, at the address [email protected] .

Why a book about TAP? Sérgio Palma Brito, who has been thinking and working in the Tourism sector for decades, replies that it is because he has “a personal and professional life that intersect with air transport and a genuine interest in TAP's economic and financial history”. Therefore, «the time has come to share this knowledge with everyone who likes and is interested in the evolution and future of TAP».

Will TAP have a future? Sérgio Palma Brito answers that this “is the frequent question, in Portuguese without preconceived ideas, that he is interested in TAP (and what TAP will cost taxpayers). The book comes out when the negotiation between the government and the European Commission is at its height. In the background, TAP will not be viable without the Europe-Brazil-USA traffic at the Lisbon hub, when its recovery is likely to be long».

In the book, the author highlights “the break between the fifty years of TAP-flag company and the time of TAP-European air carrier, beginning with State aid in 1994. This break continues to be ignored by many of the national elite and it is at the origin of the current new State aid, to be evaluated by the European Commission. The end of this process will only be known after the publication of this book, whose limited text is dated 25 October 2020».

Jorge Marrão, president of Associação Missão Desenvolvimento and partner Deloitte, says that «the book you will have the opportunity to read is a story full of short stories, facts, analyses, questions and conclusions about the dreams and reality that placed TAP in its different periods'.